Mediators between foreign manufacturers and clients in the United States!


Our services

Through years of experience, we have developed the ability to construct highly target information which fills specific needs in almost every field. Our Services Computer’s System are connected to about 239 master information sources and give us the possibility to extract only a unique information to fulfill your need. It includes facts over 600 different types of activities all over the United States.


We are the mediators between the foreign manufacturer and the customer in the United States. We are not Agent or Distributor. We purchase goods under our customer requests. Therefore, each of our American customers (the final buyer) has their own distribution in a complete logistic manner. We import a large range of products. Regardless what you produce, we may have a customer for your products in the America.

We are a multi-language company specialized in International business development, assisting manufacturers to expand or create new export opportunities. We provide sales and marketing expertise as an export consulting organization. We also support small, medium and large companies when starting up or intensifying export activities.

Sell your products

Our main concern is to help your company to sell your products. Many thousands of imported products are consumed daily in the United States, representing billions of dollars. Our commitment is to back you up to create a winning exporting campaign.

It takes more than our experience and a comprehensive data bank to help you with your marketing needs. It takes the dedication and personal involvement of our professionals. Each one of them recognizes the true measure of success can be only measured by the success of our associates. We are deeply involved to place your product to the right Key-man decisions hand.

Mennitto & Associates, Inc. is designed to help the European manufacturers to make key decisions on trade and supply strategies such as where to source and market. We will help you understand which regulatory issues will affect your export business and provide you a strategy plan to develop a successful export business.

No Cost

We do NOT charge brokerage from the manufacturer. Our customers pay our commissions.


Depending on the nature of products being exported to United States, there are multiple regulations and requirements from various U.S. Government agencies that could govern your import. Knowing which rules and regulations apply and the determining if a license is required can be complicated.

Mennitto & Associates, Inc. will work with the manufacturer to determine if your imported product requires a license, test, analysis or other pre-entry approval. We will help you navigate the license submission process. One of the factors in becoming a successful exporter is avoiding cost over-runs, fines, penalties and seizures of your imported products, which is determined exactly by requirements of the market, rules and regulations of the U.S.

Company News


The Trade Division was created to provide worldwide clients with international trade management and consulting services. Our goal from the start was to connect the business-world through commerce in order to reduce our client's costs and increase their profits .


Mennitto & Associates, Inc. - mediators between the manufacturer and our customer. We are not Agent or Distributor. We purchase goods under our customer requests. Our Trade department maintains several accounts of different customers as Supermarkets, Department Stores, Hotels & Resort Chain, Schools, Stationary Stores, Manufactures in general, Independent retailers, Wholesale distributors, Marine and recreational vehicle companies.